Code and Design teaches me

On my daily life, I usually go for my work 6 day on a week. I just go there and work for a particular project, I code and design a project whole day and come back to home. Ask myself, did you improve on your coding and designing? while my answer is no. Why? Why not? what the reason and I don’t know what’s going on. But I can give the example as a person go to gym and look his body on mirror. What he will get? His same figure no any changes. Again, he go next day on gym and same on, he would not get any changes. likewise, when I code and design. I can’t find my improvement and feel so sad. But, I believe that if a person go gym for a year then absolutely he will get lots of changes on his figure.

“Small daily improvements over time create stunning results”

– Robin S Sharma

So on, I believe on by code and design that one day, I will be expert on it. Not only gym or coding or designing, if we can do same to our life then we can change our life as our wish. Believe on yourself is one of the self respect which inspire us.